Thursday, September 30, 2010

Weighttraining for Weight Loss 1

weight training blog - Weighttraining for Weight Loss 1
Weighttraining is one of the best means for successful weight loss. However, before you start hammering yourself to keep up with the routine, make sure that you have your doctor's go signal first. Have him give you a thorough check up to determine if you have any underlying health condition. Only when he tells you that you're cleared can you push through with incorporating weighttraining in your regular routine. As you get started, do so on the right foot by taking note of these pointers:
  • Keep your body on the move even if not exercising.
    Based on studies, obese and overweight individuals are less inclined to move around during daily activities. Whether this resulted from the excess weight they carry or the other way around, truth be known that this could suck them into adopting a sedentary lifestyle for an indeterminable period. To best ensure their weight loss success, experts advise becoming more physically active throughout the day.

  • Do a lot of walking.
    Whether you want to do it on a tredmill or just the basic way, experts advise meeting a goal of  40 minutes of brisk walking six days weekly to help up your chances of weight loss success.

Written By: Maris Modesto

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