Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Important Pointers in Starting an Exercise Program

Before you get started in any exercise program, take time to consider these pointers:

Start out slowly.

Getting started slowly is the best and safest way to go. Rushing things by doing too much too soon only opens you up for disappointment and painful physical injuries later on. Select activities that you are cozy with. Do things at your own pace and remember to keep your expectations realistic.

Try exercising as a group.

When it comes to exercising, the buddy system has been touted to be more effective than individual exercising. Regardless of which one you are more inclined to, exercising with someone has been proven to work much better in keeping up your motivation. You can do it as a pair or in small or large numbers. Either way, you still get the same benefits: a constant boost to your motivation and decreased chances of encountering frustration.

Don't let self-consciousness get in your way.

Despite your age, looks, or social status; the fact remains that you still need exercise to keep yourself physically and mentally fit. Forget about your self-consciousness. Once you get down to doing the routines, everyone's attention would be on his own individual performance.

Three Good Reasons Why You Need Exercise

You need exercise. But why can't you get around to sticking to a regular routine? To further convince you of the importance of exercising to your health, consider these explanations:

Your body needs it.

Discussing the many illnesses that could be prevented by regular exercise is like chanting a very long litany. Overall, the importance of exercising cannot be argued upon, especially where your physical health is concerned. It reduces your risks of contracting serious ailments like obesity, dementia, hypertension, colon cancer, and cardiovascular diseases.

Your mind needs it.

Exercising gives you a mental high because it causes the release of endorphins, natural mood enhancers that work to raise your energy while giving you that overall great feeling. Every time you exercise, your mind unleashes these powerful brain chemicals automatically. Thus, it comes as no surprise why mental health experts recommend it to their patients to help alleviate their mental condition.

Your confidence needs it.

Because exercising naturally trims excess fat as it keeps the weight off, the result would reflect on a better-looking physique. This automatically translates to an increased self-confidence. Getting this much needed self-image boost works wonders in helping you feel good about yourself.