Thursday, September 16, 2010

Small Weighttraining Booboos Count

Weighttraining does a lot for your health, especially where fat-loss and your muscular endurance is concerned. However, being unmindful of some wrong albeit small practices could put you at risk in the long run. They are as follows:

  • You do not do the warm-ups. Too tired? Out of time? Regardless of whatever your reason is, remember this: there is no reason good enough to be used as an excuse for skipping warm-ups whenever you do weighttraining. Failing to follow this important rule could result to physical injuries, ranging from minor to severe. The primary purpose of warm-ups is to warm the muscles in order to keep injuries at bay. 

  • You are not breathing properly.You might be too focused on doing your reps that you have overlooked the importance of breathing properly. Two significant pointers that you should always keep in mind: breathe properly and employ an entire range of motion as you perform each movement. 

  • You are performing your routine way too fast. Going slowly is more advisable when you are lifting and lowering weights. If you find yourself swinging in order to lift weights, it only means that your lifting too much weight.
Written By: Maris Modesto

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