Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How Exercise Benefits the Aging Process

Exercising works to your advantage even as you age. How? Read on:
  • It helps you shed the excess pounds and stay at your healthy weight.
    Since your metabolism is bound to decrease speed as the years creep in, it would be harder for you to lose weight once you have started to age. However, sticking to a regular exercise routine prevents your metabolism's total slow down. Moreover, it develops your muscle mass, meaning that it would be easier for you to lose weight. Also, exercising regularly works to effectively keep you at your healthy weight, hence, keeping the excess pounds off.
  • It dulls the potency of illnesses while reducing your risk of acquiring serious chronic ailments.
    You think you are getting too old to keep up with your exercise routine? With all these health benefits of exercise to seniors, it would be unsurprising if you decide to view things from a totally differentiated perspective: stronger immune system, a healthier heart, better bone density, healthier digestive functioning, and a well-regulated blood pressure.
  • It helps keep your body young and agile.
    Don't think that exercising ups your accident proneness. On the contrary, it improves your body's overall agility, balance, and posture.

Written By: Maris Modesto

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Weight Training and Your Teen

If your teen is interested in strength training, tell him that his goal should never be to bulk up. In fact, sports activities like weightlifting and bodybuilding are not advisable for his age just yet. To keep him safe, take note of these pointers:
  • Before you give your teen the go signal, make sure that he gets a thorough consultation with his doctor first.
  • Upon getting the doctor's approval, the next move would be to ensure that your teen has everything he needs. See to it that he gets the right supervision and has the proper kinds of safe equipment.
  • As a rule, teens should only use light weights to tone their muscles. However, they're advised to have more repetitions. Experts say this works more effectively than lifting heavy weights for only a few reps (1-2).
  • Kids in their pre-adolescent stages aren't advised to take up strength training to increase the bulk of their muscles. The only time this should be made part of their goal is after they've passed puberty. And even if they are already eligible for this, using the right method is still the main concern to ensure that they stay safe while doing strength training. 
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