Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Three Valuable Weight Training Tips

The initial confusion that comes with starting weight training always leaves beginners in danger of suffering from physical injuries. Given that we've already selected a particular routine that best suits our goals, we must consider certain precautionary measures like the ones stipulated below:

We should always start with a good warm up.
Warming our muscles by doing a 5-10 minute warm up with any aerobic activity intended for it preps our muscles for the harder work ahead. Since cold muscles are more prone to getting injured, warming them up greatly decreases our risk.

We must do each exercise in the right form.
Being particular about performing each routine properly is an exercise in effectivity and safety at the same time. Whenever we're in proper form as we do each exercise, we're assured of having a little chance of encountering injury.

We must breathe properly while exercising.
Holding our breaths, whether unconsciously or otherwise, risks raising our blood pressure. Dangerous as this is, most of us have the tendency to do this every time we lift weights. To prevent this, we must practice inhaling as we lift and exhale as soon as we have raised it to our desired level.

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