Friday, April 30, 2010

Fill Up With These Weight Training Eats!

Regardless of your reason for undergoing weight training, it cannot be denied that food would play a significant role in your performance. Choosing the right foods is crucial if you want to improve the latter while keeping your health in check all the time. Here are the foods that you should never miss out on:

Dairy products that are low in fat
Like red meats, opting for low-fat dairy products is essential for keeping your cholesterol level from spiking, which means greater susceptibility to cardiovascular diseases.

*For your calcium fix, choose skim/non-fat milk instead of whole milk.

Lean meats
Although white meats like chicken and turkey are more preferable than red meats, they have less iron content. Nevertheless, both these meats are loaded with protein, which you need to ensure the success of your weight training course. At best, when purchasing meats, opt for cuts with as little fat as possible. In cooking them, trim off fat from red meats and take out the skin from poultry meats.

*If you can, skip eating processed meats altogether. Research studies have identified eating processed meats as one of the causes of having an increased risk of contracting colorectal cancer.

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