Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fat Loss Tactics That Work

Want to raise your body's fat burning capacity? Check out these effective strategies:

Do weight training to develop your muscles.
Bulking up by adding more muscles is tantamount to raising your body's fat burning capacity while at rest. But it does not stop here. Consequentially, having more muscles does not only work to raise your RMR (resting metabolic rate), but it also increases your AMR (active metabolic rate). Thus, you get the benefits of continuous fat-burning whether your body is active or at rest.

Opt for heavier weights.
With this, try reaching the hypertrophy range—range that allows for better muscle development. To do this, lift the heftiest weight you can manage before fatigue sets in given a low to medium scale of eight up to 12 RM (repetition maximum).

Try doing a high-intensity cardio workout.
Even when done only once in a while, doing high intensity workouts increases your metabolism, hence, affording your body a heightened fat-burning capacity post-period. But as effective as these are, be forewarned: do not overdo them. Since weight loss and fat-burning are intended to be long-term goals, doing them often or every day could lead to physical burnout.

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