Thursday, January 21, 2010

Why You Should Get Serious With Strength Training

Keeping yourself strong, in the literal or physical sense of the term, means empowering your body's muscles. As opposed to what most people think, having strong muscles is not just about a strongly built solid body. Particularly beneficial to people aged 50 and above, good strong muscles means opening yourself to a host of physical benefits stretching beyond having a firm physique. Know more about how strength training works to better your physical system on the whole by considering the facts below:

  • It works to help you effectively shed those excess pounds.Compared to fat tissue, muscle tissue burns calorie at a much faster rate.
  • Empowering your muscles is equivalent to empowering your heart.When you have strong muscles, your heart wouldn't have to work as hard since it requires less oxygen.
  • Strengthening your muscles leads to a reduction on the amount of stress incurred by your joints and back. Having strong muscles automatically lessens the pressure on your joints and back with every move involving them.
  • Strong muscles=A well-toned and definitely more attractive physique.Say goodbye to your bulging cellulite and sagging flabs and welcome a toned and more attractive body. Need I say more?

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