Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Recommended Exercise for Seniors

Often, seniors are deterred from exercising due to the wrong belief that it could hurt them given the natural physical vulnerability that comes with aging. Nevertheless, despite the physical weakness brought by aging, moderate physical exercise stays a necessity to ensure the proper functioning of the body. To start with, seniors must choose the right kind of exercise that jives with their preference. Here are some suggestions:

A popular form of exercise that effectively incorporates coordinated poses with proper breathing, yoga is adaptable to a variety of levels and differentiated physical demands. It helps develop the body's flexibility, endurance, and balance.

Tai Chi
An internal Chinese martial arts, Tai Chi is often practiced for health purposes. Its movements are known to benefit both the body and mind, developing its flexibility and balance.

Water sports/aerobics
Performing sports activities or exercises in water has major advantages over those done on land. The water environment increases the body's resistance while prompting it to burn more calories without risk of injury due to the lower pressure on the joints.

The best exercise for beginners, walking is a low-cost, easy, and effective exercise that anyone can do regardless of age or location.


  1. Tai Chi was not created for health purposes...

  2. Thanks Northwind. I stand corrected on that. It should have been Tai Chi is often practiced for health purposes. I'll correct it right away. Thanks for reading!