Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Easy Calorie Burning Activities Without Exercise Equipment

Using exercise equipment for getting a full cardiovascular workout isn't always the norm. For some people, pushing a mop/broom or jogging outdoors is more appealing than working out for 20 minutes on a treadmill. If you get a kick out of burning calories without using exercise equipment, consider these workouts:

Outdoor Calorie Burners

If you are a nature lover, doing your exercise outdoors works to effectively soothe your mind while burning calories. Other benefits of having a natural environment for your background are the fresh air, which invigorates your system, and natural sunlight, which helps burn fat. A few examples of outdoor workouts are jogging, hiking, brisk walking, biking, and swimming.

Personal Entertainment

Having fun while giving your body an effective cardiovascular workout is not far from possible. Indulging in physical activities like ballroom dancing, gardening, playing frisbee/pingpong, and horseback riding guarantee your absolute enjoyment as they provide an effective cardiovascular workout.

House Chores

House chores like mopping, mowing lawns, car washing, mopping, dusting, and floor polishing are typical physical activities guaranteeing not only a clean home, but also lots of calories burned. Just giving your entire home a vigorous cleaning suffices to burn 272 calories an hour.

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